Is Pilling Killing Your Favorite Sweaters?

Remember that Weezer song about the sweater unraveling? It was a wardrobe malfunction nightmare to most women. A much more commonplace factor in destroying one’s sweater is “pilling” – those unsightly little fuzz balls that seem to grow out of places where arm touches body. Most common on inner sleeves, underarms, and around the waist, even the finest cashmere sweater can fall victim to pilling.

 Pilling’s cause is simple. Different yarns have different levels of surface exposure. Some are tightly wound so there isn’t much open fiber exposed to friction. Others, ranging from cheap polyester to high-quality, soft cashmere, may have a lot of fiber exposed at the surface, causing it to ball up when elbow brushes waist, for example.

sayo-garcia-1319244-unsplash sweater pill.jpg

 A simple way to save your gorgeous knitwear from unsightly pilling and destruction is to shave it. An inexpensive double-blade razor will do, available for practically nothing at your local drug store. (Or throw it in as an add-on with your next Amazon order.)

Here’s the technique:

Lay the affected garment on a flat surface.

Gently pull it taut where the pilling is.

Shave away the pills.  

Done. Back to looking great.

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