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“Wonderful custom made clothing at a reasonable cost.”

Jane Goldberg, Delaware Corporate Agents, Inc.

“The tuxedo is wonderful, I feel very well wearing it and everybody is complimentary about it!”

—Nadia, classical guitarist

“It was lovely to have you in class and thank you so much again for coming! It's fascinating to hear about your business.”  — Katya Roelse, Instructor, University of Delaware

“Beautiful women’s apparel.”

— Cecilia Stoeckicht, Image Atelier, Architects of Personal Style

“Linda has a depth of knowledge about women's attire, as well as an original strategy about dressing appropriately to the environment and occasion that I found to be very insightful and useful!”

—Harriet Black, IBM Summit Program

“entreDonovan is much more than a retail clothing store. Linda and her team go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of professional women in Delaware. They use cutting edge technology to design clothing which is tailor made to each woman’s unique proportions.”

— Michele B., CEO of a large not-for-profit

“I cannot speak highly enough of Linda and Alison and what they offer in their store…they know what looks good on your individual body size and shape. It is so convenient to be able to schedule an appointment. The clothing is high quality, comfortable, and smart for today’s professional.”

— Jen H., Esq.

“The feedback we received from the attendees was excellent.  They found great value in what you had to share with them.”

—Nicolo Carroccia, Seller Skills Transformation, Summit Program, IBM Global Markets, North America

“I love the suit.  The fabric and the color are great.  The skirt is a perfect fit.  The jack fits well too, although I cannot afford to gain any weight for it. I hope to work with you again.”

—Christine H., Esq.

“entreDonovan has become my main source of career clothing in a short time because Linda and her team are focused on serving an unmet need for professional women – clothes that fit and don’t look like a corporate uniform.”

— Banking Industry Executive