When It Rains

Whether you live in Southern California where a light rainstorm has the power to cancel all your plans, or you’re on the east coast where Mother Nature’s unpredictability is something to be marveled (and, at times, cursed) — rainy days are a reality for all Americans.

Another reality: rainwear isn’t exactly chic. Function trumps form when the goal is to stay dry. But if you work a professional job, how do you maintain your 9-5 aesthetic while dressing practically for the weather?

the silhouette polishes up Stutterheim’s Mosebacke style

the silhouette polishes up Stutterheim’s Mosebacke style

One of the main things we look for in an office-ready raincoat is silhouette. We’re huge fans of Stutterheim’s Mosebacke style, thanks to its ultra-feminine A-line cut. We suggest going with black to keep it polished, but if you’re interested in a more casual look, we love a classic yellow.

While details make certain garments special and unique, look for specific construction details that make a raincoat truly waterproof. Welded seams and a rubberized shell are sure to keep you dry in even the most inclement of weather. We prefer an unlined style that allows you to layer up or down, depending on the temperature.

Once you get your jacket situation sorted, move on to footwear. Luckily, we’ve seen a huge surge in chelsea-style rain boots over the past few years, so knee-high galoshes are no longer your only option.


We love the Hunter Original Refined Chelsea Boots for the office, as they have a slight heel and a tapered toe. Since a rain boot of any kind is inherently less elegant than a heel or a leather bootie, we suggest pairing this look with a tailored trouser instead of a dress or skirt.

Small enough to keep in your bag

Small enough to keep in your bag

If you tend to carry a roomy bag, we highly suggest keeping a mini umbrella as part of your everyday essentials — especially if you live somewhere where rain is always a possibility. We love the Davek mini umbrella; it’s smaller than a passport and super lightweight.

Rain or shine, looking put together and professional is always an option.

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