Bras at Work

Wearing bras has always been a struggle for me; personally, I don’t even like wearing bras. They never quite fit; bras seem as though they are made to be uncomfortable. I’d rather let my breasts have a little bounce to them anyways. At work, I feel as though I have to wear a bra because I don’t want my coworkers to gawk at the shape of my breasts. I believe we’ve codified breasts to be indecent, and in order to be decent, I have to hide the natural shape of my breasts.

My solution to this structural concept has been sports bras. I found every sports bra that could be worn under a blazer. I became an expert at when Nike, Adidas, and the like would hold their sales and I would immediately snatch up the entire sports bra inventory. I thought that sports bras were perfect because they had the racer-back, they were more comfortable than traditional bras, and I didn’t have to worry about padding (I’d like to minimize the appearance of my breasts, not enhance them).

I soon advanced from the sports bra phase, and have started experimenting with structural bras that are made for the workplace.

My favorites are:

At Third Love, my favorite is the Geo Lace plunge bra.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.10.03 PM.png

Geo Lace

At Adore Me, my favorite is the Fiorella Unlined


Fiorella Unlined

As far as workplace bras go, Third Love has become my go-to. You can customize the bras based on your cup size, identify whether or not each one of your breasts is a different cup size (most women have varying cup sizes for their breasts) and find the perfect bra for you.

I even started approaching bras with a little bit of padding — I’m not talking Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra, but a demure amount of padding that curates a work-appropriate shape. I’m not exactly sure what a work-appropriate shape is but I definitely feel a little uncomfortable when the shape of my breasts in lace bras are fully exposed at work. Padding is like a little shield, between the forces of misogyny and me, so that my breasts are perfectly hidden at work, in this man’s world.