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Invest in your company's greatest asset. Your employees and coworkers will look great in an entreDonovan custom suit, ready-to-wear blouse, or even a leather document folio adorned with your corporate logo.  entreDonovan gift certificates are an ideal way to welcome aboard a new hire while giving an award that will directly pay off for your organization.  Our custom logo options span from briefcases to folios, and even wallets. Contact us today or read more below to find out how you can start providing your staff with gifts that matter.

Corporate Awards

Supporting your employees and coworkers is priority #1.  We take pride in offering not only a great selection of ready-to-wear business footwear and garments, but also provide excellent custom tailoring for women professionals. Make bonuses work for you by awarding your staff with an entreDonovan gift certificate this year, acceptable for use towards any clothing or service we offer. Signing bonuses will be even sweeter knowing they take the form of a custom fit suit or blouse.

Let your employees express themselves while staying well within the guidelines of appropriate business attire.  They have options!  Choose from hundreds of fine fabrics…or let us guide them. 

We want to help you improve company moral and appearance!  We’ve searched the world to build a network of resources that can produce great-fitting, high quality goods at prices that we believe offer excellent value to our clients.  Fill out this form today and let us show you how we can create an ideal award program for you and your company.

Corporate Incentives

Looking for a way to motivate sales staff? Want to setup an incentive based reward system to provide merit to your top performers? At entreDonovan we have the unique flexibility to create an incentive program tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. With so many different custom and ready-to-wear offerings, its easy to build a structure to fit any budget constraints. Make it a competition to see who can earn all the pieces to a custom suit, our corporate incentives will be sure to be a breath of fresh air in any and all relevant departments and companies.

Contact us today using our corporate incentives form and find out what we can design for you today.

Corporate Logo Items

Create corporate cohesion by implementing a company wide corporate logo item. Outfit your external sales force in high quality branded briefcases, purses, wallets, and more. Corporate logo items also make superb raffle and competition prizes. Be proud of the organization that you represent and shop our custom corporate logo items today.

Unlike other businesses, we have low minimums and an easy step by step process to help you find the custom logo item of your choosing. Checkout our corporate logo items page for more information on how to order.


Would you like your corporate dress code to be communicated more clearly? Do you need to help prepare graduates to enter professional careers? Just want to do something nice for the women professionals in your organization?

Tap us for a Professional Dress seminar that can be as formal as you like or as informal as a brown-bag lunch. Inquire about our seminar capabilities.

Want to see your organization host such a program but it isn't your "action item"?  Recommend a Program Sponsor and we'll take it from there. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Trunk Show

Want to request a trunk show at your place of employment, a convention or conference?  Use this link to get the wheels in motion